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Plushie Restoration

picture of a golden lab stuffed animal

March 24th, 2021

Yesterday I restored my oldest best friend, Scruffy!

I've been wanting to take up plushie restoration for a while. Like most people I was inspired by the notable Lil Sprout Care on twitter. Though I was also inspired simply by my acquisition of sewing skills! I've been creating plushies since about this time last year. My first ever plushie was 'Patches' and he went to my beloved boyfriend. Here's a picture of Patches my boyfriend drew!
drawing of a stuffed dog that is mostly
	blue. It has a white belly, pink heart-shaped paw pads, pink and blue ears, 
	and button eyes. It also has a star patterned bow tie.
I was so proud when I finally finished Patches. I think he took me a little over 6 months; now I am making my own patterns thanks to his success! Check out the "art" tab in the sidebar for guides on how I make my plushies from scratch.

Scruffy's story will be in that tab soon as well. Check back so we can keep learning together soon!

Auf Wiedersehen,


The start of a journey

March 22nd, 2021 What interests you? I have a lot of answers to this question so I have created this website to invite you all to learn with me! To get started, click a link in the sidebar

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